Game Dev | Visual/Interaction Design | Morphy

Morphy! is a game that was commissioned by the Smithsonian Science Education Center to teach 4nd grade children about how animals have different external structures that help them survive in the wild.

'Morphy! is a 2D platformer where players take the role of Morphy, an alien who was space exploring with a crew of 15 when their ship crashed. Morphy’s crew members evacuated the ship before it crashed and scattered throughout an earth-like planet. Morphy must find the missing crew and return home.

In Morphy!, players observe animals in their natural habitats to determine how the animal uses their external structures to survive in that environment. Morphy’s trusty sidekick, a robot, scans animals to learn more about their structures and how they are used. Throughout the game players use what they’ve learned by observing animals to navigate through the environment. For example, players will swing and climb on vines, swim underwater, and even fly!'


• Defined art direction with mood-boards, color palettes, and discussions with the team
• Created a complete project art asset list for production and the illustrator
• Created user-flows, wireframes, and visual mockups to communicate and define the entire experience for the team and project stakeholders
• Worked directly in Unity3D
       ○ Created art asset file hierarchies and prefabs
       ○ Imported and positioned placeholder alpha assets
       ○ Added final beta work
       ○ Animation and set up the mecanim back-end logic
       ○ Created tiling system for the game designer to create levels
• Created and animated all final UI assets
• Hand placed all environmental art assets
• Designed the spaceship level
• Storyboard intro and ending animations

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Studio: Filament Games
Client: Smithsonian Science Education Center
Developed: January 2015-June 2015






Gesture gifs to showcase potential interactions for the game designer. These are for flying and hiding.





Wireframes of trait selection




Close-ups of various wireframes





Spaceship level design, which was given the go ahead by the game designer and passed off to the illustrator




Final gameplay screens









My name is Danielle Corporon (Dani) a UI/UX Designer who specializes in games and interactive experiences. I solve problems with clean and effective solutions through research, playtesting, and collaboration. Strengths include high attention to detail without losing sight of the complete picture, designing with a strong awareness of overall feature development costs, and the ability to produce solutions quickly without sacrificing quality.  

I currently work as a UI Designer on the Heroes of the Storm team at Blizzard Entertainment in sunny, southern California and have previous experience from studios Filament Games and Schell Games.

For all you academia out there I have an undergraduate degree from Herron School of Art and Design at IU-Indianapolis and a graduate degree from the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University.