Game Dev | Visual/Interaction Design | Showbiz Safari

Showbiz Safari is a game that was commissioned by the Smithsonian Science Education Center to teach 2nd grade children how to compare and contrast different animal traits through observation.

'In Showbiz Safari players help a director find lead actors for movies by sorting through which actors fit the director’s criteria. The director is casting lead actors for three movie genres: action movies, spooky movies, and comedies! Sometimes the director will need an actor who is furry, who has leaves, flowers, hooves, and even wings! Will you be able to help the director find the lead for Harry Polar and the Chamber of Seaweed? If you do, you might just get to see them in their movie poster! Collect all 66 posters in the game.'


• Defined art direction with mood-boards, color palettes, and discussions with the team
• Created a complete project art asset list for production and the illustrator
• Created user-flows, wireframes, and visual mockups to communicate and define the entire experience for the team and project stakeholders
• Work directly in Unity3D
       ○ Creating art asset file hierarchies and prefabs
       ○ Importing and positioning placeholder alpha assets
       ○ Adding final beta work
       ○ Animation and setting up the mecanim back-end logic
• Created all final UI assets
• Animated the 22 animals in the game
• Animated all UI assets and scene transitions

Play Showbiz Safari online or Checkout Showbiz Safari on the App Store

Studio: Filament Games
Client: Smithsonian Science Education Center
Developed: January 2015-June 2015



User-flow of the entire experience




Color wireframes of possible main gameplay interaction




Mockup of main gameplay screen



Final game screens







My name is Danielle Corporon (Dani) a UI/UX Designer who specializes in games and interactive experiences. I solve problems with clean and effective solutions through research, playtesting, and collaboration. Strengths include high attention to detail without losing sight of the complete picture, designing with a strong awareness of overall feature development costs, and the ability to produce solutions quickly without sacrificing quality.  

I currently work as a UI Designer on the Heroes of the Storm team at Blizzard Entertainment in sunny, southern California and have previous experience from studios Filament Games and Schell Games.

For all you academia out there I have an undergraduate degree from Herron School of Art and Design at IU-Indianapolis and a graduate degree from the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University.